Beatbox: THE STORY
The evolution of beatboxing from the early 1900’s, has grown into a worldwide phenomenon in 2011.

Take a look a few decades back to the era of swing and jazz: Think Ella Fitzgerald, “scatting” was used as jazz singers improvised harmonic and vocal scales over solo vocals or instruments.

Quartets, crooners and blues would hold long notes to resemble the bass sound. Claps, clicks and hums were the first mainstream insights of what was known as vocal percussion and later the term beatboxing would be made.



The term “Human Beatbox” rose in the 1980’s when drum machines or “beatboxes” were largely influential in hip hop music. Beatboxes were not cheap so for those who could not afford the latest craze, the alternative natural vocal percussion became the popular alternative.


Beatbox: THE SOUL

Since the initial imitation of the drum beatboxes and many inspiring lead the beatboxing community. Beatboxers such as the self named “Godfather of Noyze” Rahzel, Police Academy famed Micheal Winslow, Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh or the mid 80s trio Fat Boys.


Beatbox: TODAY

Beatboxing gained popularity when the 1st Beatbox World Championship was held in Leipzig, Germany in 2005. Well known participants came from all over the world including Joel Turner (Australia), White Noise (Ireland), RoxorLoops (Belgium), Faith SFX (UK) and Poizunus (Canada). Today, the World Beatbox Championships hold a female division to allow both sexes to compete.